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Video : 2012 Mitsubishi ASX Platinum Launched

Mitsubishi ASX become one of Mitsubisbi models are labeled Platinum for 2012. Mitsubishi ASX Platinum has several additional features.

Leather upholstery, heated front two seats, and electric seat for the driver is present in the cabin. Also imbued audio controls and Bluetooth 2.0 on the steering wheel.

Parking will become more easily with the sensors and cameras. Environmental conditions behind the car automatically be displayed in the rear view mirror (rear-view mirror) when you enter the gear back.

More cool appearance with a layer of chrome on the exhaust pipe end and a pair of fog lights. Platinum logo at stern of the car.

ASX Platinum will be available in variant colors White, Cool Silver, Black, Red, Sapphire Blue, Titanium, and Kingfisher Blue. Still rely on 2.0-liter MIVEC engine 4-cylinder.

It costs AUS $ 25 990 for the manual transmission version. CVT transmission model is sold with a tag of AUS $ 28,490.


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