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Video and Review : 2012 Toyota Aygo facelift

Mid-2011, Toyota Aygo has slid in the UK and managed to get a good response. Now re-launched the facelift for the Toyota Aygo which is planned to be launched in the spring in 2012.

City car is still consistent with a unique design by combining the design of Toyota Yaris on the front side to shape the door, while for the rear body, Aygo is made ​​larger so that the rear lights look bigger.

In terms of interior, Aygo facelift is experiencing changes as space is made ​​more spacious cabin and equipped by advanced features, such as audio system equipped with a USB device and Bluetooth. Driving comfort is also enhanced, by adding wheelhouse is much broader.

Machines used 2013 Toyota Aygo is 1.0 liter VVT-i can get the highest power of 67 hp and 93 Nm of torque. This machine is claimed to produce fewer CO2 emissions and fuel consumption more efficient.

Aygo with a 5-speed manual transmission, CO2 decreased from 105 g ​​/ km to 99 g / km. Consumption of gasoline fell from 21.7 km / liter to 23.26 km / liter.

Performance 'green' Aygo by Multimode improved. CO2 emissions to 104 g / km from 106 g / km. Gasoline consumption becomes more economical 22.6 or 0.85 km / liter.

This little car will be introduced at the Brussels Motor Show 2012, which begins January 10. Sold in the UK began in March 2012.

video courtesy of youtube


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