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Video : Benelli seek Indonesian market, ready to build production plant

Benelli Motor Indonesia will market their bike with a small capacity engine flagship. Additionally Benelli Motorcycle Indonesia will assemble its products in Indonesia.

The plan of Benelli products will be marketed in mid-2012. Currently Benelli Motor Indonesia is looking for land to build the assembly facility in Indonesia.

Benelli has 6 models of scooters; Pepe 50, Pepe 50 Classic, Quattronove X 50, Caffenero 125/150, Macis 125/150, 125/150 and Velvet. But there is no certainty what models will be assembled in Indonesia.

Here's a video of some products that may be assembled in Indonesia.

Currently Benelli Motor Indonesia is preparing a showroom on Jl. Gunung Sahari, Jakarta. According Warrich, Operational Manager Benelli Motor Indonesia, the showroom will be equipped workshop facilities (service) and spare parts.


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