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Video : Volkswagen Aqua Concept, futuristic car design

Volkswagen Aqua Concept conceptualized as a vehicle capable of passing on all fields. This vehicle is not only tough on the ground (asphalt, gravel and ice) but able to walk on water like a ship.

Designed by a young designer from China, Zhang Yuhan (21 years). Yuhan create this spectacular car to follow a race which was initiated by the German premium car manufacturer is.

The design looks futuristic with four fans and the airbag to be inflated to make it a little drift. Conceptualized as environmentally friendly vehicles with two motors that use hydrogen fuel that emits zero.

One motorcycle airbag functioned to develop in order to slightly raised off the ground. While motor vehicle only useful move.

"He runs equally well on land, ice and water," said Zhang Yuhan. "I'm hoping Aqua will be affordable vehicles that are available to the general public on one day."

This competition asks designers to come up with an 'off-road vehicles from China'. Aqua is based on technology available today.

video courtesy of youtube


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