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News : MotoGP 2012, Yamaha MotoGP team threatened without a sponsor

Bad news came from the Yamaha factory team to the 2012 MotoGP season. Yamaha Factory Racing return loss their sponsors. After last year no longer supported FIAT, starting next season Yamaha no longer feel support of Petronas, which has supported them over the last 3 years.

Oil and gas company owned by Malaysian government has joined forces with Yamaha since 2009. In the duration of the contract, they undergo three racing season is fantastic. Both managed to win the world title in 2009 by Valentino Rossi and 2010 through Jorge Lorenzo.

Last year a slump season for Yamaha. After Rossi to Ducati, Yamaha also lost a major sponsor, FIAT. So, no-frills product name in the Yamaha factory team.

After not supported FIAT, Petronas had been the largest financial supporter for the Yamaha factory team. However, in a contract clause that says there's no point Petronas entitled to replace the name FIAT Yamaha factory team.

Without a major sponsor outside manufacturer, Yamaha will have financial difficulties in wading competition next season. In the midst of financial crisis that has not been recovered in Japan and crises that are befalling Europe, the development of motor for one year will be borne by Yamaha.

The greater the difficulty will probably haunt at the end of the competition. Lorenzo and Ben Spies are now strengthening factory team will end contract at the end of season. Yamaha will be difficult to give an offer to bind the riders in the next season.


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