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News : Honda NSX new concept will present at Detroit Motor Show 2012

2012, can be called as a new area of ​​the battle in the automotive world. All manufacturers compete to produce innovative and revolutionary products.

Not only about the concept, design and technology, but however it leads to products with environmentally friendly features, without having to leave the impression of exclusivity.

Honda, with its supersport car Honda NSX get a fresh look in 2012. Later this car will bring the concept of hybrid cars with four-wheel-drive technology that pumps power to 400 bhp.

Honda NSX will use gasoline engines with 3.5-liter V6 and has a cylindrical configuration of a hybrid with two electric motors. V6 engine will drive the rear wheels, and two electric motors will move the two front wheels.

Honda NSX will be used in the film The Avengers, which is the story of the Marvel Comics superhero and will be introduced at the Detroit Motor Show 2012 is forecast to show the concept of hybrid cars.


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