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News : Ford sold 2 million units throughout 2011 in U.S.

Ford re-established itself as the original brand of the United States (U.S.) most healthy post-2008 global financial crisis. Throughout 2011, the Ford Motor Company managed to sell 2 million units of vehicles in the U.S.. This amount is a record company since 2007. Similarly, the company announced on its release last December 30.

Contribution is derived from the Fiesta and Focus with the increase in sales to 20 percent this year. While the segment pickups and SUVs like the Explorer SUV, the Escape and the F-150 pickup rose 30 percent.

Ford - the second largest car manufacturer in the U.S. - managed to reap the benefits of the total market increased 10 percent (from January to November) in 2011. "The total new car market rose an average of 13 million units in just three months of the end of 2011. This shows the positive momentum deviations not," said Ken Czubay, vice president of Ford's U.S. Sales and Marketing.

From the company's official data, total sales of Ford brand rose 18 percent to 1.86 million units during January-November 2011 compared to the same period last year ie 1.76 million units. While in the United States alone for November, Ford earn 11 percent increase in sales.

Ford reported a profit 6.6 billion dollars (January-September 2011) and the only one of three U.S. brands that survived the bankruptcy.


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