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Video : 2013 Honda Dio, new scooter that is cheap and efficient

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI) launched new scooter that is cheap and efficient. The new products will be priced at 42 362 Rupees and can save fuel up to 15% of older versions, or about 55 km / liter.

This scooter is a revision of previous versions that have been marketed and was named 2013 Honda Dio.

Refreshing look of apperance with a broader foothold and wider seats. Then, 3D emblem so it looks more attractive.

In addition to braking system is applied combi-brake feature for braking efficiency, stability and driving safety.

In terms of Dio Honda engine still uses the 110 cc engine, but more powerful. The new engine capable of generating power 8 hp at 7500 rpm 1 hp or greater than previous version. While 0.88 kgm torque at 5500 rpm.


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