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Video : 2013 Honda Super Cub, will go on sale mid-March 2012 in Japan

Motor manufacturer Honda do a refresher on one of its product line up. This time Honda Super Cub 110 which has a conventional design would be change in some parts.

Headlights made ​​the box, the previous round. Front/rear turn signal lights and rear lights redesigned are making it more attractive. It makes Super Cub looks more modern but still simple.

Another change is wheelbase is longer than previous 1190 mm ​​to 1210 mm. Then the dimensions of a 1915 × 0700 × 1050, where earlier versions of 1830 × 0710 × 1040.

Motorcycle body protector uses material from the resin so that the anti-rust. Re-sculpted rear fender section to reduce splashing mud. Rearview mirror spherical model turns into an oval like most motor cub.

Engine Super Cub is still using 110cc PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection System) with power 8 hp at 7500 rpm and 8.5 Nm at 6500 rpm. Consumption of fuel oil (BBM) can reach 63.5 km / liter at 60 km/h.

Honda Super Cub 110 2013 will be sold in Japan starting mid-March 2012.


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