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Video : Honda NSX Concept will show at Geneva Motor Show 2012

Honda NSX Concept will appear in the exhibition at Geneva Motor Show 2012. Previously, NSX Concept has appeared with Acura logo at Detroit Motor Show 2012 some time ago.

NSX Concept highlights the design and technology future supercar of Honda that is hybrid sport and also environmentally friendly. The new engine technology SH-AWD ® system (Super Handling All Wheel Drive ™) V-6 with seven-speed.

Acura NSX has a length of 4330 mm, width 1895 mm, height 1180 mm and wheelbase 2575. Its weight is light because they are made from aluminium base material and CRFB (carbonfibre reinforced plastic.

The light weight make the NSX supercar has a better performance and better aerodynamics.

NSX Concept is a futuristic design from exterior and interior. Headlights are equipped with LED lights (Light Emiting Diode), which are small, while at the back of rear wings are thin.

video courtesy of youtube


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