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Video : Nissan Invitation, sensual, economical and safety

Nissan Manufacturer has set up newest product is Nissan Invitation and will debut at Geneva Motor Show 2012.

Invitation have energetic and aggressive design, brings a fresh style, innovation and excitement in small car segment (hatchback). In addition, Nissan guarantee of fuel consumption and aerodynamics of Invitation is the best in its class.

Nissan Invitation use Pure Drive machine with ultra-low emissions, below 100 g/km. Various safety features will be embedded in Invitation.

One such feature is Around View Monitor (AVM), a safety feature that helps parallel and reverse parking easier. Nissan claims, Invitiation became first car in this segment are adopting AVM.

Additionally Invitation will be equipped Nissan Safety Shield Technologies, which consists of Acceleration Suppression for Pedal Misapplication, Multi-Sensing System with Rear Camera and Predictive Forward Collision Warning System.

Nissan plans to market Invitation in 2013 for UK.


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