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News : GP2 Sepang 2012, Rio Haryanto finish 10th in sprint race

Rio Haryanto finish 10th in race 2 GP2 Malaysia this afternoon. In the race that complete 30 laps, Rio record a time 41 minutes 32,081 seconds.

This record time better than race 1 which 56 minutes 53,553 seconds. Race 2 wins by James Calado of Lotus GP who record a time 41:08,048. Meanwhile, his teammate Esteban Gutierrez finish in second place and following by Felipe Nasr in third place.

Rio teammate, Max Chilton finish in 7th place with a time 41:23,733. In standing, Rio in 10 place with record fastest lap 1:50,849 and get point two. Meanwhile Chilton in 6th place with a point 17.

This race coloring by incident involved some racers. Hard incident suffered by Davide Valsecchi. Here that incident video.


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