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Video : GP2 Valencia 2012, Rio Haryanto failed to finish

Indonesian rider, Rio Haryanto failed to complete the second race (sprint race) GP2 Series sixth series in Valencia, Spain (24/6). Rio collided with James Calado (Lotus GP team) on lap 20 of 23 laps.

Rio race on this race very well and has a chance to become champion. Several times through the Rio nearly Calado, who led for most of the race.

This race eventually won by Razia of Arden International team with a record time of 46 minutes 07.255 seconds. Calado won second prize with a time of 46 minutes 08.434 seconds.

Leimer captured third place with a time of 46 minutes 08.842 seconds, while Chilton was fourth with a time of 46 minutes 09.680 seconds.

In the sixth series in Valencia, Rio only added 10 points after the first race (feature race) Saturday (24/6) was ranked fifth.

"I am disappointed with this incident. But I feel satisfied I have been able to show potential and have been fighting a maximum. From now on, I sure can win the race in the GP2 Series is very competitive," said Rio.

Although failed to finish, Rio has shown to the eyes of the world that he could be a champion and be reckoned with and respected in the GP2 Series.


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