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Video : Chevrolet Volt expanding European market to UK

North American car manufacturer, Chevrolet, re-expanding market for Chevrolet Volt. This time, Britain became purpose Chevy to launch environment-friendly cars. In UK, this car is priced starting GBP34.995.

Chevrolet Volt is offered in English, same as Volt is offered in several other European countries and America. All are equipped with high technology, such as LED lights, Bluetooth, cruice control, air conditioning, seven-inch LCD screen and a few other advanced features.

In addition, Volt is also equipped with a fan which can reduce efficiency of fuel on the exhaust. Some other software is also added, so car is not flammable.

Volt is a car with the power to trigger a long-distance electric (E-REV). Have power of a fully electric and powerful to be able to record the maximum power 161 hp and has a maximum speed of at least 160 km / h.

Furthermore, electric engine gets its power from a battery capable of supplying energy to the car to drive 65 km with normal condition.

video courtesy of youtube


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