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News : Vario Techno 125 launch in Indonesia

Astra Honda Motor formally launched Vario Techno 125 in Jakarta, (5/3). By carrying out the new engine injection PGM-FI 125 cc, Vario Techno 125 became first model equipped with ESP (enchanced, Smart, Power).

Honda Vario 125 will challenge competitors Yamaha Xeon to fight in mid-end class.

With new appearance, more aggressive look, Honda Vario 125 is equipped with headlamps models of dual-keen and more tapered stern lights. Luggage under seat can hold a helmet.

Vario 125 is available in two variants: PGM-FI Vario Techno CBS with a price of IDR 15.9 million and Vario Techno PGM-FI IDR 15.1 million.


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