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Video and Spesification : Honda Vario Techno 125

Honda Vario Techno 125 has been launched yesterday (6/3) in Jakarta.

Interesting to compare new Honda scooter with Yamaha scooter in same class as Yamaha 125 Xeon.

On paper, Honda Vario 125 has some advantages of Yamaha Xeon. Vario 125 engine able to generate power 11.3 HP, while Xeon is only 10.8 HP

The features, Honda Vario 125 is pinning the standard features such Side Stand Switch, Combi Brake System and Parking Brake Lock. Most interesting is Vario 125 price cheaper than Xeon.

With the fact, is new Honda scooter is easy to beat Xeon? Worth to wait.

pic by dapurpacu.com


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