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Video : Audi TT RS Plus, more aggresive and extreme

Audi gives a new twist on one of its product line up. Audi TT RS Plus is claimed to have power and speed are more aggressive and extreme.

Sports cars with TFSI petrol engine 2.5-liter capable of producing 360 hp and 460 Nm, an increase of 20 hp and 15 Nm from the previous version. Its speed can even reach 174 mph or 280 kph.

Lighter body that is about 1,450 kg to be one cause of the increased performance. Supported by a system equipped with Quattro AWD 6-speed manual transmission and automatic 7-speed S tronic twin-clutch.

His appearance is also more sporty with titanium alloy these 19 (previously 18 inches). The interior is very comfortable and equipped with navigation, Bluetooth and iPod connection. This sports car priced from 52 265 pound sterling.

video courtesy of youtube


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