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Video and Result : Moto2 Catalunya 2012, Andrea Iannone won dramatic race

Andrea Iannone claimed first Moto2 victory this year at Circuit de Catalunya some time ago. The victory was quite dramatic because it is determined a few corners before the finish line.

The second position is achieved by Thomas Luthi, who finished a few meters behind Iannone.

Host rider Marc Marquez just finished third after an incident with another Spaniard Pol Espargaro.

Espargaro failed to finish the race but luckily for Marquez for being able to continue the race and got third podium.

Results Moto2 Catalunya 2012
1. Andrea Iannone ITA (Speed Up) 41m 16.852s
2. Thomas Luthi SWI (Suter) 41m 16.935s
3. Marc Marquez SPA (Suter) 41m 17.989s
4. Esteve Rabat SPA (Kalex) 41m 29.368s
5. Simone Corsi ITA (FTR) 41m 31.078s
6. Takaaki Nakagami JPN (Kalex) 41m 31.924s
7. Dominique Aegerter SWI (Suter) 41m 33.107s
8. Randy Krummenacher SWI (Kalex) 41m 33.206s
9. Mika Kallio FIN (Kalex) 41m 33.458s
10. Scott Redding GBR (Kalex) 41m 33.645s
11. Johann Zarco FRA (MotoBI) 41m 34.150s
12. Bradley Smith GBR (Tech 3) 41m 39.094s
13. Claudio Corti ITA (Kalex) 41m 40.615s
14. Alex De Angelis RSM (Suter) 41m 40.921s
15. Nicolas Terol SPA (Suter) 41m 43.891s
16. Jordi Torres SPA (Tech 3) 41m 49.010s
17. Max Neukirchner GER (Kalex) 41m 51.241s
18. Ratthapark Wilairot THA (Suter) 41m 52.239s
19. Ricard Cardus SPA (AJR) 41m 52.353s
20. Angel Rodriguez SPA #N/A 41m 52.475s
21. Yuki Takahashi JPN (Suter) 41m 52.655s
22. Axel Pons SPA (Kalex) 41m 53.755s
23. Anthony West AUS (Moriwaki) 42m 9.488s
24. Alexander Lundh SWE (MZ-RE Honda) 42m 33.161s
25. Marco Colandrea SWI (FTR) 42m 35.425s
26. Elena Rosell SPA (Moriwaki) 42m 52.403s

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