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Dani Pedrosa crashed out at Japanese MotoGP practice

Repsol Honda rider Dani Pedrosa suffered a serious accident on Friday practice session of the Japanese MotoGP at Motegi. The accident caused a three-fragment broken left collarbone.

These conditions forced Pedrosa to miss the Japanese MotoGP. Yet the Spaniard is trying to keep pace with 56 points from Lorenzo. Chance of becoming world champion was nearly impossible because of race, leaving only a 5 series.

Pedrosa reportedly will soon undergo surgery to be carried out in the country of Spain. It was decided the team after hearing the results of physician examination.

After investigation, the Repsol Honda revealed that the cause of the accident is a problem in the throttle that causes the brakes did not function until Pedrosa lost control and crashes.

pic : crash.net


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