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VW New Beetle was designed by an Indonesian

Everyone was amazed when the legend was born again. Yes, three places in the world, namely New York, Shanghai and Berlin to witness the birth of the VW New Beetle that exotic. But do you know who designed it? Indonesia!

Is Chris Lesmana, who made his sketch for nearly four years. Starting from his dream of a concept new VW Beetle, and now his dream has become reality. New Beetle back to life and make a charm in the three corners of the world.

Lesmana designing this new Beetle with VW's exterior designer, Frank Bruse. Both are raised in families that have Beetle, so perhaps the 'frog' is not the goods are odd. They just have to imagine the Beetle in modern form.

"But this is far more similar to the old than the new Beetle. However, we do decide to return to the theme early," said Bruse.

Lesmana's dream of a Beetle was welcomed by the VW Group boss, Martin Winterkorn, and immediately gave the green light to mjulai produce it. "The design was so good in the beginning, we almost do not change it," added Bruse.

In fact, without much comment Volkswagen Head U.S., Jonathan Browning said, "You do not change the car like that just for fun," he said assessing the design Lesmana.

What has been done designers Indonesia is certainly not easy. Everyone knows, the Volkswagen Beetle is a legendary brand icon. Throughout history, the VW Beetle has sold over 23 million worldwide, including 6 million in the United States.


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