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Video : Lamborghini Aventador J, shocking million peoples on internet

Lamborghini Aventador J was introduced at Geneva Motor Show 2012 has grabbed attention of world wide. According to Lamborghini, two-seat roadster is able to steal millions of people just through internet.

In calculation of Lamborghini, Aventador J has recorded more than 21.5 million articles in internet search engine Google organic. While the video titled "Aventador J - The Making Of" listed as the most watched per week through website Youtube.

Lamborghini was deeply shocked by amount interest of the world to Aventador J. Lamborghini said, can not easily steal the show through the Geneva Motor Show to remember a lot of exotic cars featured there.

"We know Aventador J would have been of particular concern, but we never predict how much public reaction to this car," said Automobili Lamborghini President and CEO Stephen Winkelmann.

video courtesy of youtube


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