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Sebastian Vettel dreamed of joining the Ferrari

Surprising statement said of the F1 world champion 2010, Sebastian Vettel. Some time ago the German racer was revealed his dream to race for Ferrari.

This is justified by the owner of Red Bull, Dietrich Mateschitz that Sebastian Vettel has a dream to strengthen Ferrari someday. However, Red Bull already knows what to do to hold the 2010 world champion.

There is no name of Red Bull called by Vettel. Red Bull's Parties also recognize that the racers nicknamed Baby Schumi's got the desire to strengthen Ferrari.

Mateschitz said one way to fence off Vettel, other than the appropriate value of the contract, the team must also provide a competitive car. Austrian businessman was also optimistic that if Vettel had parted ways with Red Bull, then it will not happen in the near future.

Meanwhile, Red Bull consultant Dr Helmut Marko said that it is impossible it would be the youngest world champion with the team Red Bull for a long time. All possibilities can happen including the move to Ferrari next few years.


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