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Video and Review : 2012 Hyundai Grand Avega or Accent

Hyundai 2012 Grand Avega or Accent machines equipped with 1400 cc, DOHC, 108 hp powered. This machine is picked from the Hyundai i20, but has improved so that power is greater ECU 8 hp. Torque 13.9 kgm.

There will be two transmission choices: 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic shiftronic (claimed to be the only one in his class).

Hyundai claims, on the highway GDI gasoline consumption is 17 km / liter, while in the city of 12.7 km / liter. Hyundai Gamma 4-cylinder gasoline engine produces power 138 PS and torque of 17 kgm.

video courtesy of youtube


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