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Video : KTM Duke 200 was launched in Malaysia and will follow soon in Indonesia

Some time ago the KTM Duke 200 launched in Malaysia. And the manufacturer from Austria to make sure also will be marketed in Indonesia.

Procession of the launch of the Duke 200 is done directly by the Prime Minister Najib Razak, late last month.

Unit supplied loose (completely knocked down) and then assembled in local facilities (Malaysia). From the leaked spec available, KTM Duke equip with engines 200cc DOHC single-cylinder, liquid-cooled and has a 22 hp power.

In Indonesia, the directors of PT Bajaj Auto Indonesia said, the KTM is conducting a feasibility study in Indonesia, before deciding what the networks want to own or ride Bajaj who currently holds a majority stake (KTM).

Here's the video launch of the KTM Duke 200 in Malaysia.


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